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Hello, we are Boompublic

Boompublic is the ultimate solution to buy, plan and publish social media content in one click. We have already brought together thousands of talented content creators. Creators deliver posts – you simply buy the best! Boompublic allows you to easily plan and publish content directly to your social network accounts.

free publishing to multiple social accounts
optimize your budget on social networks content marketing
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Full access to 1000+ content creators

Your business is unique. Let your social content be as unique as you with our team of creators developing content worth sharing - in your style and tone of voice. Choose and purchase the best posts for your business from thousands of talented content creators.

Ready-to-publish posts

Unlike traditional marketplaces, Boompublic provides ready-to-publish content. No need to create visuals or write an eye-catching title for purchased graphics. All posts on Boompublic are small pieces of art that will be published directly to your social media accounts when you want.

Scheduling and multiple publishing

We support all international social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Instagram.Seamlessly publish to multiple social accounts and keep your social media under control with our calendar.

Branded post templates

Have very specific visual content format? Create template with our Template Builder, so all your content creators will provide you with branded content based on this template.

Publishing to multiple social networks

How it works in 4 easy stepsHow it works in 4 easy steps



your social accounts to Boompublic


posts requirements and set price per post


posts proposed by our content creators


and schedule publishing to multiple accounts

Social network content purchasing on Boompublic
is easy and convenient!

Choose a plan that meets your needsChoose a plan that meets your needs


3 reasons to get started3 reasons to get started


Attract talent

Attract professional content creators. Your loyal followers will get content worth sharing on your public social media pages.

Save money

Our basic plan is free. You do not need a team of in-house professionals to get high-quality posts for your business.

Control easily

You define the rules of the game - set your price and your requirements. And pay only when you are fully satisfied.

Boompublic – your perfect social media content providerBoompublic – your perfect social media content provider

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Not sure yet?Not sure yet?


Our plans work well for Solo Entrepreneurs and Small businesses with project-based needs. Try out our key features with the Basic Plan for free and upgrade to the Pro Plan as your business grows.

You and only you to decide how much to pay per post. Price per post should be set with regard to your your needs. For example, for a typical post with no more than 280 characters or 2-3 sentences we recommend to set the price at a minimum of $2. If you have specific visual content requirements, e.g. handcrafted photos or graphics with eye-catching designs, we typically recommend a price of $5-8. The higher is the price per post the more creators will build content for your post, and the more posts you will be able to choose from.

We support all international social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Instagram. Also we are integrated with social networks popular across CIS countries: Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and Telegram Messenger.

Instagram restricts direct publishing via external services. We fully comply with Instagram policies, don’t store your Instagram password and don’t make you download extra special mobile apps. Instead, you will get a reminder with a post at a set time from our bot via Telegram Messenger.

Creators can’t read your thoughts but they definitely can read your content brief. All your requirements should be consistently described. To make it easier we defined a list of must-have points that should be included into your brief.

Here it is:

  1. Number of posts per week / per month you need.
  2. Minimum and maximum text length.
  3. Visual content requirements. For example, handcrafted photos, royalty-free images, brand colors and fonts.
  4. Tone of voice and style. For example, funny, formal or maybe light-hearted.
  5. Posts objectives: promote and sell, educate and inform or entertain.
  6. Content topics. If you already have a list of topics please specify it.
  7. Specific content requirements. For example, to add hashtags, links to website. CTAs.

Buy as many posts as you need for your business. There are not limits on minimum and maximum number of post.

Let our creators offer content that your business deservesLet our creators offer content that your business deserves

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